Technological process

Charcoal is produced in steel retorts by charring of wood without air. Material for production comes from State Forests of Beskid Niski and Bieszczady areas. On these areas we have significant quantity of hardwood (beech, oak, hornbeam, birch) with certificates PEFC or FSC®, from which high quality charcoal is being made. On further stage of production charcoal is sorted into appropriate fractions into commercial packaging.

Grill briquette is produced by compacting small fractions of charcoal with addition of natural starch binder and water. After drying briquettes are put into commercial packaging.

Charcoal for metallurgical industry with special properties.

Feed additive for animals it is a finely ground high quality charcoal with granulation of 1 mm. Whole process is under constant control by the State Veterinary Inspection.

Fireplace wood is produced from hardwood, mainly beech length 25 cm or 33 cm. It is assembled on pallets or supplied loose to the customer.


Production capabilities

We possess necessary warehouses and production capabilities, which allow us to cooperate with large recepients, as well as smaller warehouses. Production is being carried out all year. Thanks to our big warehouses, we can gather significant quantities of finished product for our customers.